Accepting Imperfection and Giving Yourself Grace

Accepting Your Imperfection and Giving Yourself Some Grace

One thing I can always promise you in my presence is this:  imperfection.  I'm a goal setter, yet a lot of failure occurs here.  A lot of trying again.  And a whole lot of grace.  I'm continually learning to extend grace to myself.  

I don't even think I knew what this word was 15 years ago.  I had plans, goals, dreams, and desires.  I knew in my head how things played out, I knew what (in my mind) was right and wrong.  I was hard on myself.   I was unforgiving of others.  And while I still struggle with these things, my goal and daily intent is to extend grace.

When I had my initial moment of salvation with Jesus, when I realized how broken I was.  How broken my thinking was. How broken my actions were, and that He loved me anyway.  Well, it was at that moment that I began to realize the beauty of grace.

I love natural health, I love writing, I love helping others, I love my job as a speech therapist, I love being a mom, a wife, and a friend.  But I will never claim perfection in any of these areas nor expect it from others.  I strive for things to be done well, but not that it won't come without bumps, bruises, and difficulties along the way.  Nothing worth doing or having in life comes easily.  And while I would embrace everything being done with ease, I know it's unrealistic.  And, for that reason, I've come to realize how important it is to extend myself grace, to extend grace to others, to adjust the sails if needed.  But to never expect perfection.

I'm really good at letting go of perfection in some areas, but not in all areas.   When I decided 12-ish years ago that, for health reasons, we would be adopting a more wholistic lifestyle, I went out with a bang. I was making all of my food from scratch and many of our skincare and beauty products from scratch.  I was going to exercise everyday for no less than hour, read for an hour everyday, etc., etc. And, after about 2 years, I started to make myself insane.  I could not keep up.

accepting imperfection

Aside from the fact that I strongly value a wholistic lifestyle, I also strongly value my family, my friends, and, sanity.  In the chaos of this thing called life, promising to never eat hot dogs or sugar again is flat out unrealistic.  Promising to exercise 2 hours everyday and to never use a contaminated skincare product, is a no-go.  It's my intent and my goal to do all of this, but if I expect full out perfection, I'm going to fail every time.  

A couple of months ago (spring is the most chaotic time for us), I was completely stressing over feeding my family.  Yeah, I may have made the great meal plan, but then things got real around here and we had a meeting after school until 4, a game at 6, a practice at 7 and there was no time to eat this perfectly planned meal.  So, I let that all go.  I went to the store, I bought a package of hot dogs and a can of beans.  And we ate that.  My daughter literally asked me if I was trying kill her, because this was so unlike me!  Ha!  I was just trying to survive.  And that night, food in their bellies was going to have to take precedence over nutrition.  Just fill these people's tummies.  It was all gluten free, so that counts for something, right? 

 Is that acceptable most of the time?  No, I know better than that.  But it's okay sometimes. I haven't failed anything or anyone.  

grace changes everything.jpeg

grace changes everything

When I started this blog, my goal was to blog twice a week and to contribute to lots of groups on social media.  Within 2 months, I decreased that goal from twice a week to 2-3 times a month and I deleted almost all of the groups I was in, with the exception of a couple.  I was making myself crazy and had nothing left over for my family or myself.  

I could go on and on with examples of my goals from the year from writing, to cooking, to Bible reading, to exercise.  But let me say this, because I've learned to accept my imperfection and give myself grace, I haven't abandoned a single goal.  I haven't quit anything; I've adjusted the sails, I've scaled back in some areas and given more in others.  But regardless, I've kept going.  

The older I've gotten and the more firmly I've established a relationship with Jesus, the better I've gotten at letting stuff go.  Giving grace. I know what's good and what's right and strive for that.  But I also know that I cannot get myself to the point of burnout and bitterness.  So, I learned to take a step back, give myself a break both physically and mentally, and to just be. Be what I can be.  And you need to be okay with what you can be, too.   

I think it is the nature of women to try to be all things to all people.  We are the comforters, the nurturers, the ones who make everything okay.  But the reality is, we cannot be all things to all people.  We have a duty to do what is right for ourselves, for our families.  Every human being has the duty to do what is right (not just women), but, it's not always going to look pretty nor perfect.  And we need to be okay with that.  

If Jesus is okay with you (and He is), you need to be okay with you.  It's okay to have goals, it's okay to be driven.  It's also okay to be imperfect, readjust when needed, and it's non-negotiable to give yourself grace.  

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