Finding Joy In the Midst Of A Funk

Finding Joy In the Midst of a Funk

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Have you ever tried to put yourself in solitary confinement, allowed yourself to focus on all the things that are driving you insane, and thought, "this will somehow make everything better?"  It has yet to work for me, yet I still do it.  And it just happened to me again few days ago.  

May is a tough month.  Every year, it proves to be straight up insane (right up there with December, if not worse).  From end of school year activities, to soccer and basketball tournaments, the beginning of softball, me dealing with the fact that my kids are about to finish up another year of school (and coming to grips with the fact that my time with them is slipping away), I struggle.

Over the weekend, in the midst of overwhelm and as things were compounding, I found that I let one little thing "break the camels back" and it literally almost ruined my entire day.  And guess what?  It wasn't something I could control.  All that I could do was control my reaction and not allow it to ruin my day. 

I was ready to swear off social media and considering swearing off people in general, as well. As much as I love people, I've also learned over the years that adults don't really have life figured out like I thought they did when I was a kid.  Major disappointment.

I can't control everything.  But I can control my reaction to things that bother me.

So as I sat alone (essentially--though I was surrounded by people) at a soccer game somewhat mad at the world, it took a little intentional effort for me to realize that I was letting things I can't control, ruin my day.  I can't control other people.  I can't control every situation that I think is unfair.  What I can do is control my reaction.  I can also work on myself to try to shine a light when things seem dark.  

How can you bring yourself out of a funk?

Self awareness.  

Consciously acknowledge that you are in a bad place and think about how you got in this funk.  

You know what one of my self rules is? Don't tune into Facebook or news first thing in the morning. You know what created the whole problem? I tuned into Facebook and news first thing in the morning.  It was my own doing that got me here.  I know this doesn't work for me.  I got here by breaking my own rules on things I've already identified as triggers for me.  Know your trigger points.

Self assessment.

What is important to you?  For me, I had to decided, did I want to stay connected to all of the people that I love dearly on social media and the ones sitting right beside me at that soccer game? You know, the ones who bring laughter and joy. Or did I want to allow the people and media that I really don't care about control my feelings and my life and totally shut down.  Seems like a no-brainer, right?

Decipher what's important to you in life.  Assess your top 5.  Don't let things you can't control get in the way of those things.  People are important to me.

Go ahead and vent to the ones who love you.

When you finally feel like talking to someone, find your dearest friends and spill your guts.  Vent for a hot second, even if they don't say a word, you know your crazy is safe with them and you have let it out.  Thank them for allowing you to be you.  Then, start letting it go.  

P.S. Don't forget to also share your good with these people, too....don't be a drain.

Get your joy back.

What brings you joy?  Do that.  Read something inspirational (just google inspirational quotes, if nothing else), dive into scripture about the specific thing that has you in this funk, eat your favorite food (within reason if it's chocolate! ha!), turn on some music, listen to an uplifting podcast.  What consistently makes you feel better?  We all have something.  Do that.

Give yourself some grace and move on.

Everyone is permitted to have a bad day. Just don't give yourself permission to stay there.  Knowing that my purpose in life is to spread joy and to be a life giver, sometimes I feel like I don't have permission to have a bad day or be a little grumpy.  I also need to give myself the permission to be a human.  Even though I focus madly on being joyful, I'm a human.  A human that feels maybe too much sometimes.  And for that reason, I'm going to sometimes be sad, be angry, be irrational.

I just can't stay there.  Because I also know I've been given a gift.  I live a life that is beyond blessed.  That doesn't mean perfect. But, it's pretty damn good.  And my purpose is to use my gifts and talents to share light and life with others.

 If I never experienced darkness, I guess I couldn't relate to others when they are in a dark place.  So, I give myself grace when I fall into a funk.  I will use those low places to learn lessons.  So that I can relate to others in those places and share light and life with them when the time comes.  

What things help you find your joy in the midst of a funk?


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