4 Ways To Help You Tackle "Mom Brain"

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 Have you ever lost your sunglasses (that are on your head), forgetten words when having a conversation, lost your phone (that you're talking on), forgetten why you walked into a room, turned on the wrong burner on the stove and cooked nothing, forgetten to pick your kid up after school???

As a mom, you may find yourself forgetting things, having trouble focusing, and maybe becoming increasingly emotional.  Many women refer to this as "mom brain".  I didn't understand it until it happened to me.  All of these moms blaming every forgetful moment on having children.  Apparently, there is actually some truth to this!  Scientists have found that there is a reduction in gray matter in several regions of the brain, including the areas that are responsible for memory and depression (you can find one such research article here).  

In a world where not only moms are having trouble with focus and attention, but we are also seeing an increase in children and the elderly struggling with focus and memory, there are things that you can do for yourself to help overpower the forgetfulness and lack of focus.  

The good news? You don't have to just accept these changes lying down.  Be active and intentional in finding ways to overpower "mom brain".  Here are 4 ways that you can overpower mom brain and get stuff done:


Numerous studies show that exercise can help increase the functions of the prefrontal and temporal lobes--which are the exact areas of the brain affected by pregnancy (according to studies). Exercise helps to oxygenate the blood and the brain and it keeps connections strong; not only because of oxygenation but from connections made through coordination of movements.  

Find something that you enjoy.  You don't have to become the next crossfit Junkie nor a marathon runner.  Walking works.  Yoga works.  Just find something you like and find time for it. Thirty minutes a day is doable.  

//Feed Your Brain//

This is really always going to be at the top of my list for any natural, self empowered way that you can improve your situation.  Good nutrition is the foundation of good health and certainly what you feed your brain (food and books) is of upmost importance.  

You should be avoiding artificial and processed anything to the best of your ability and instead choose real foods like fruits, vegetables, some grains, and of course healthy fats.  We need to optimize our nutrition through good supplementation from whole food sources, like this supplement you can find here.  

Also, it's super important to note that we trained ourselves 20 years ago that fats were bad and that's so untrue.  Our body and our brain need fat.  Good fat though.  Choose avocado's, coconut oil, fatty fish, nuts, health oils, and seeds and feed your brain!

//Essential Oils//

So many of my friends are using essential oils every day to help their kids focus in school and having great success with this.  Guess what?  It works for adults, too!  The older I've gotten the more I've found that I have difficulty focusing myself.  I may be sitting down to read, but then I remember that dinner needs made, I have a phone call to return, an errand to run, a kid to pick up, a volunteer opportunity to show up to.  So, the reading can quickly go by the wayside if I don't do something to ensure my focus.

So, when I sit down at home to work, I often turn on my diffuser with some sort of focusing blend.  Check out the research done on oils for focus in this article.  I don't always limit myself to just certain oils like Lavendar, Vetiver, and Cedarwood, which are referenced in this article as having clear benefits for improved attention and focus. I do use those, but one of my favorite combinations is Peppermint, Grapefruit, and Vetiver.  Rosemary is a favorite as well.  (To find the essential oils I love, go here.)


Do as you will, you are just going to have to learn to use some compensatory strategies to improve your situation.  Learning to make lists, write things down, prioritize, is a must.  So many of us pride ourselves on multi-tasking and you know what?  It doesn't work.  I'll let you do your own research here, but it really doesn't work.  And do you know when I find I'm at my worst is the same time that I'm trying to do 400 things at once.  When I'm in the middle of dinner and think "I'll make this phone call and then go throw this load of laundry in the washer", do you know what happens?  I inevitably forget about the food and it burns or overcooks, I may put the laundry in the washer, but I'll forget to turn it on, or can't remember if I added the soap.  It's no good.  Stop trying to do it.  When I focus on one thing beginning to end, it always ends up better.

Set a timer.  This has been my newest and latest gift to myself.  When I start to feel overwhelmed and like I just can't get things done, I make a list (get yourself a planner or even just a piece of paper) and then prioritize.  

Then, as I go threw my list, I set a timer.  I only allow myself to focus on that one thing for that set amount of time.  And that set time is never more than an hour.  

As a mom, the feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion can sneak in easily.  We can feel like a hot mess for the majority of our day if we aren't intentional in going about the things that need done on our list.  

You can improve your situation, and one way is by learning to say "no".  Especially if you are never able to accomplish your tasks.  But you do have some control over what feels like complete chaos.  It just takes a desire to want to improve and a will to get it done!

Disclaimer:  I am simply a mom who has taken great lengths to restore her own health and that of her family.  I am not a doctor nor a certified health practitioner.  I'm simply a well read and self educated momma who loves natural health and wellness and who fully believes that we have the power to take our health into our own hands. 

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