From Emptiness to Everything: How I Filled My Empty Soul

Have you every felt empty, depressed, unfulfilled, uninspired, disengaged?  I certainly have.

I've been to a series of medical appointments lately and because I tend to find more holistic practitioners, they often want to dive into more personal subjects with me.  My spirituality, my home life, my relationships.

At my last appointment, the doctor asked, "Have you ever experienced depression?", to which I definitely answered, "Yes."  Because I have experienced a deep depression and I'm not afraid to admit it.  But then she asked, "Do you feel like you've experienced depression over an extended time?"  I answered, "no".  She then asked me how I thought I overcame it.  

For many years, I experienced a lot of emptiness, which probably looks a lot like depression, but I just define it differently, I guess.  I spent many years of my life trying to mask emptiness with possessions and by trying to seek approval in relationships (or by trying to change people to what I thought would make things better).  And guess what?  No matter how many things I bought (no amount of clothing, shoes, fun cars, or fancy trips) and no matter how many friends I made, I continued to be just seek more. The emptiness remained.

In my darkest places, I finally came to the realization that no matter how hard I try to fill this emptiness with things and people.  I'm never going to find it there.  I can only fill my emptiness with Jesus.

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
— Isaiah 41:10

I grew up in church.  But I didn't really come to know Jesus until I was in a very dark, seemingly hopeless place.  And when I realized He was my only saving grace, my life changed.  It's not like a "one day" experience.  It's a whole journey.  It's like any other relationship that takes time and effort.  But it changed my life more than anything.

And as I thought about that discussion that I had with that doctor, how through my emptiness I found my everything.  How through my emptiness I became complete.  I thought about the story of Easter (which is approaching) and how it equates.  The empty cross and the empty tomb.  Jesus used these empty places and filled them with hope and promises.  The hope of salvation, the promise of undeserved forgiveness, and the promise of a personal relationship.  Our empty places can only be filled by Him.  

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”
— Luke 19:10

So, as much as I wish I could give you "3 Easy Steps to Fill Your Empty Spaces", I'm going to just remind of you of 2 things that won't fill the void, and 1 that will.

Two things that won't fill Your Empty Places:

1)  Possessions--no matter how much you do or how many things you acquire, it will never fill your emptiness.

2)  People--everyday sinners like you and me are not going to entirely fill that emptiness.  I am a strong believer in the importance of good, healthy relationships,  They can bring you way more than possessions, but they cannot entirely fill your emptiness.

One thing that can Fill Your Empty Spaces:

1)  Jesus--That's it.  That's the answer.  He will bring you joy, humility, answers to your emptiness.  He will fill your emptiness and make you complete.  You only need to accept him and to listen to His plan and purpose for you.  He loves your brokenness, He loves your ugliness, He accepts you at your worst, and if you will take Him in your heart, He will help make you become your very best.  He will help you find your purpose and your life will change.

As Easter approaches, I would just encourage you to stop seeking to fill your emptiness with worldly possessions and people.  Realize the gift that was given to you through Jesus death on the cross.  Take your emptiness and brokenness to the foot of the cross, He will take that emptiness and He will fill that space.  And your life will be forever changed.


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