Focus on Where you Really Want to Go...Right Now!

Focus on where you want to go...Today!

What are you waiting on?  Are you living in survival mode or are you focusing on where you really want to be in this life?  Where's your focus?  What do you really want out of this life?  Are you just getting up and going through the motions every day?  At the end of your life, are you going to feel like it was a successful one?  And what is success?  Is it really all about money, power, and winning?  Maybe.  But, for women success often looks a bit different.  

It's not that women don't want to win (because I know I do), and not that we don't also value money and power (those things can be handy).   However, success to women is often less about winning and more about being valued.  

So, what is your definition of success?  Well, what do you value?  Your children, husband, career, people, your faith, your health, friends, fitness, maybe animals.  For some women, their definition of success may be making their family function on a minimalist budget while allowing her to be a full time SAHM; for another woman, it may be climbing to the highest rung of the corporate ladder and being fully independent.  Whatever it is, you should be focused on it every day.  

Success to me is, first and foremost, keeping God as the foundation of all that I do.  It is working hard to maintain a strong a loving relationship with my husband; it's raising children with strong values and morals and who know that I love them unconditionally.  Finally, it's having time and monetary freedom to to help and give to others.   These are the things I focus on daily.  If I accomplish this, I will consider my life a success.  

I've been a "helper" of sorts my whole life.  Especially to people who need really need love. The elderly, infants and children, the poor, the sick, the hurting.  I've always been very drawn to people in need of, well, love.  

As a little girl, I remember carefully watching elderly people, especially when they were alone. I was so worried that they would be lonely.  My grandma, who lived alone after my grandpa died (just before my first birthday), used to tell me how, after she retired (I was a first grader), I wrote a prayer asking God to "make sure she wasn't lonely and didn't just have to sit and watch TV all the time" after she retired.   She used to always say, "you have no idea how good just sitting around and watching TV sounded to me". Maybe she wasn't really hurting, but I still worried.  

And I continue to have this passion and desire to not only notice when people need love; but to want to help them.

 I don't really care about cars, or big houses, or fancy anything. This probably resonates with many women.  Women are nurturers by nature.   And while my focus may not be your exact focus, you can probably relate.  

Your definition of success and your focus will likely change over time, but for the most part, success is about being able to live out your values unrestricted.  Are you living your life on a mission to fulfill your idea of success?  Write it out.  What do you want in this life. Then get laser focused.  You've only got one shot at this.  Know what you want and make a plan to go get it.  Here are some suggestions to help you find success:

  1. Focus--the only way you can focus is to know your goal.  My long term, life time goal is focused on God, my family, and helping others.  I want to work hard now to enable me to give freely.  But, I'm not quite that free...yet!  However, I'm laser focused on that and I will get there.  Break your long term goals down into short term goals, how are you going to get there?  Baby steps are fine as long as they are forward moving steps!
  2. Carve out time--so, if you're going to achieve this desire, this success, you have to carve out time to do it.  Anything worth doing is going to take time and HARD WORK.  My life is not super full of spare time right now, but I am a hard worker and so any time I do have, I will put into achieving the success I want.
  3. Creativity--Never stop dreaming.  There are many, many ways to achieve your goals, don't get stuck in a rut.  What are different things that you can do to achieve this success?
  4. Find Your Tribe--These people will not only support you, they will help you achieve your success.  They will listen to your dreams and you will listen to theirs and you will help each other.  Find YOUR people.
  5. Information--Find people who have the information you need to develop a plan to achieve success.  This could be a person, a book, an audio, a podcast. Get the information that you need and then develop a plan to help others solve a problem or fulfill a need.
  6. Feed Your Soul--#besoulfully you.  Do not forget to feed yourself daily by doing something that filly your cup.  A walk, reading, a hot bath, time with friends.  What restores you?  Don't forget to love you!  I cannot stress this enough.  
  7. Don't Be Afraid to Fail--Failure is the first step toward success!  Attain the knowledge, develop the plan, take action.  Focus.  Don't be afraid to fail.  Just keep going until you figure it out.  There is no such thing as an overnight success, which leads me to my final suggestion:
  8. Be persistent.  Crush your fear and keep moving forward even when you feel like quitting.  No one has quit their dream more than I have, trust me.  But I won't quit, because my vision and my "why" is just to big.

We need dreamers, we need doers, we need world changers.  What is your definition of success?  Where does your focus lie?  Live to accomplish success. Quit going through the motions. I encourage you to pursue success, whatever that looks like for you:  dream it up, develop a plan and never, ever give up! Start Today!


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