The Power of Belief: 5 Ways to Achieve It and Keep It!

You've created a vision for your life, set the plans to make it happen, envisioned the end result.  Are you capable of pulling it off?  Only with a lot of self belief and faith can we change our life.  Belief and faith are words often associated with religion or God; and while that is important to me, personally, these words do not only apply to our belief/faith in God.  They apply to you.  Do you believe in you?

Self belief gives us courage to make changes and grow.  Self belief is positive thinking.  Years ago, I came to the realization that, not only was my belief in God weak, so was my belief in myself.  My greatest weakness was a lack of faith in me.  A lot of things changed for me at that time.  Because I was done living with self doubt.  I was done living empty.  I was done living fear.  I was done living to please everyone else.  

Now, did all of this just come in one day?  No way.  Because self belief and strong faith also equals persistence.  The persistence to keep going when things are hard.  Life is hard.  Every day, life is hard.  So, I felt I had 2 options.  I can continue to live this safe, fear filled life of self doubt, where people just like me because I say and do everything that everyone wants to hear.  Or, I can go on life's journey to finding out who I am.  What were the gifts I was blessed with upon my entry to this world and how was I going to present those gifts to the world.

The more I've developed a belief in myself, the more authentic, the happier and more successful I've become.  How did I develop self belief?  Let me tell you the things I started to do immediately and the things I continue to do daily to get to where I am and to continue this lifelong journey:

//Developed a Relationship with a Higher Power--Jesus//

  • This was step number one for me.  I was always raised in church, always considered myself a "believer". But I really wasn't.  I just went through the motions.  I was the person who gave Christianity a bad name.  I went to church every week, said the right things, but didn't live the life.  Not that it requires perfection, but it does require a real attempt to do what's right. When I came to my lowest low, I realized that there had to be something bigger than me.  Something bigger than anyone I already had in my life.  Nothing was fulfilling me at that time, not other people, not things, not self help books.  Dropping to my knees, asking for forgiveness and making Jesus a part of my every day life was my game changer.  He is the one thing that has NEVER let me down.

//Doing Hard Things//

  • The hardest thing for me to learn was to use my voice. To speak up, to be heard, to stop letting others run over me. And it takes a great deal of self belief/courage to do this.  But the stronger I've become, the better I've become at this.  It's still a struggle sometimes.  I'm quiet by nature.  But quiet does not mean weak.  
  • I've learned to take the leadership role, even when I prefer a backseat role.  Do the hard things.

//Embrace all Things Positive//

  • People, books, self talk.  Do not accept constant negativity into your life.  It can't be escaped on all levels, but you do not have to let things become a large part of your life if they don't bring anything positive to you.  Let go of the people, the messages, and the self chatter that leaves you feeling down and out, depressed.  Some of that is in your life for a reason and life isn't perfect, but it doesn't have to be accepted as a part of your norm.

//Be Goal Oriented//

  • Set some big goals for yourself (those are long term goals), but break them down into small, achievable goals (short term goals).  Prove to yourself that you are capable and while you may not meet that big goal tomorrow, next month, or next year, break it down.  With persistence and strength of mind you can and will get there and allowing yourself small gains, small wins along the way, you will develop confidence and belief in yourself.  

//Learn to Love and Accept//

  • One other thing that I'm very mindful of is learning to focus on what I love and who I love, more than focusing on things that I don't.  I've learned to love and accept me.  I've learned to love and accept others.  This one is something that just developed for me over the last couple of years.  I used to think people had to do things my way.  And then I realized how completely insane that was.  My expectations were making me crazy.  We were all created with gifts, talents, and abilities that make us unique.  Today, some of my very dearest friends are my total and exact polar opposites.  But we all have one thing in common, we love and we accept.  We build each other up, we support one another, we make each other better.  Not by changing to be like one another, but by bringing our uniqueness to the table.  I love them for them, they love me for me.  We help build one another's belief's in ourselves by simply letting one another be, with our only goal being to make one another better.

My advice to you, demand persistence in yourself.  The persistence to attain a belief in yourself.  To prove to yourself that you are capable.  Faith and belief is in everyone, but only you can pull it out.  It is what drives us and what sustains us every day when everything else seems to be falling apart.  So that question that I posed to you at the beginning of this post, "Are you capable?", of course you are!   The question really is are you willing?  Are you willing to develop an undeniable belief in you a belief that will allow you to attain the vision you have for your life?  Don't delay one more day.  Today is the day to begin your life's journey to believing in you.

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