10 Essential Oils I Always Travel With!

10 Essential Oils that I Always Travel With!

We are about to leave for vacation and since most of our medicine cabinet has been replaced with the use of oil, I have to decide which oils are coming along.  I probably have over 50 of them at home, they can't all come along, so which ones do I choose?  And how do I pack them?

They've always gotten through airport security without problem.  I pack them in a quart size bag, making sure that they are tightly sealed, and I've never had a problem.  The radiation effects of the x-ray machines may decrease the frequency of the oils, but according to the information I've read, they do regain their potency.  

So, which oils do I bring along?  I tend to bring a lot of blends, for convenience, and a few others that I simply can't go without!  Here's my list!

  1. Proshield--This is the first oil packed. At the first sign of any illness, this is always a go-to.  It is an immune booster.  As a child, I was almost always sick on vacation and I don't want to endure that with my own kids, so this is packed without question, every time!  I put a drop of this in everyone's hands prior to boarding the plane and have them inhale as an immune booster!
  2. Soothing Aire--Similar to Proshield, this is one that we pack just in case someone comes down with a cough or allergies. Sometimes even going to a warmed climate will trigger either an allergy or the change brings on a cold, so even if we are going to warmer climates, this one makes the trip!
  3. Gest Calm--I'm here to tell you that with any digestive upset, this little bottle has never let us down.  From poor upset stomach, to constipation, to reflux from overeating, a few drops under our tongues are directly to our stomachs and we have relief within minutes.  This oil can also help with motion sickness.   
  4. Lemon--I don't always use this one, but if I'm struggling with allergies or just need a little pick me up, lemon is always a go to.
  5. Tea Tree--This is the first oil that I use (in addition to Proshield) at the first sign of any oncoming illness.  A drop under the tongue is one of my first go-to's.  It's also good for cold sores and skin blemishes, etc.  
  6. Peppermint--For an energy booster, to combine with lavendar and lemon for allergies, or for digestive support.  Peppermint can also reduce motion sickness and help with jet lag.   Peppermint is a must have.
  7. Lavendar--the most well known oil, this one has 101+ uses.  For calming, better sleep, for bites, cuts, bruises, to help decrease allergy symptoms.  If in doubt, lavendar (or frankincense).  This may also protect against motion sickness.  
  8. Frankincense--my all time favorite oil.  It's amazing for skin and really, just about anything.  It is the most calming oil on the planet for me.  If you have lavendar, it's probably not necessary, but for me, it's not optional.  
  9. Pure Tranquility--This is an amazing blend and one of my very favorite oils.  It is a very calming blend for me.  It can calm anyone in my family within minutes and promotes better rest.
  10. Gentle Repose--This one is for hormonal support, so it's a great blend of oils for any hormonal issues that you may endure on vacation from PMS to cramping.

In addition, I often bring a diffuser, a small bottle of jojoba oil and a small amount of coconut oil for carrier oils.  I also bring my capsules for oral use.

Tell me what your favorite oils are to travel with!  Or if you have questions, let me know. 

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*Disclaimer:  The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Statements, products, and techniques mentioned have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.