The Story Behind It All....

Hello there and welcome to my first official blog post!  I'm so honored that you are here! That title sounds pretty grand, huh?  So, a little about me....this is likely going to be the hardest blog I write!  However, in order for any of you to understand what this is about and why I'm doing this whole blogging thing, I'd say I owe it to you to explain how I got here, why I'm doing this and what YOU can expect. 

Only a select few people know (well, and now you all know), that about 14 years ago I was battling a host of health issues and depression to boot.  Throw in a brand new baby and it was either time for me to figure out what life was all about or become a total bitter, hopeless, crazy mess.  Thankfully for me, at my breaking point, my knees hit the ground, I said a prayer, started to feel a sense of hope, and started to see life in a whole new light.  Now, that was just day 1 of my journey.  The journey is long and the road is winding.  But it is so worthwhile.  I've learned much along the way and feel better ( in every sense of the word ) at 40 than I did at 25 or 30.  My heart is open, my hope is strong, my purpose is clear.  I've met many amazing people and learned so very much.  I've learned that I am in control of what happens to me.  Not doctors, not family members, not friends, just me.  I am responsible for me, for my health, my happiness and my overall well-being, for fulfilling my God-given purpose.

At a rather low point with some chronic health issues, I was introduced to a product that changed my life.  After falling in love with the product, I decided to (cluelessly)  join the Network Marketing industry, something that was pretty scary for me!  I had no idea what Network Marketing was, I just wanted to share this product with everyone! I had no entrepreneurial experience, I was just a full time wife and mom, and a part time speech therapist, who eventually had a light bulb moment and realized the potential of this opportunity.  Joining this venture has allowed me to align my love of sharing natural health, with my desire to inspire other women to conquer their fears, tear down walls, and build the life of their dreams (whatever that looks like to them).  I have faced fears that I never even intended to!  This is no joke ladies, it's hard work.  It takes a tribe, a community, a sisterhood of believers!

And that, my friends, is simply what this is all about.  A combination of sharing my love for natural health and wellness along with a desire to create a fearless tribe of women who want to  inspire, encourage, and live life healthy and in pursuit of big dreams.  So stick with me, stay tuned, and thank you for being here!  Now enough about me.......stay tuned for bigger things ahead!