My Story


Wife and mother of 2•Lover of Jesus•Natural Health Advocate with a love for superfoods and essential oils•Yoga/fitness addict•People loving introvert•Lifelong Buckeye State Girl•Speech Pathologist by Trade•Entreprenuer•Big picture girl who never stops dreaming (but avoids details and rules)•I love helping others realize the impact they can have on their life by utilizing natural health and living a bold and intentional life.  I am so honored that you are here. Below is my quick story...


My life changed drastically 13 years ago and it all began with the birth of my firstborn.  At that time, everything truly came to a head in my life.  I was living sick, depressed, and fearful of life.  After a complete emotional breakdown, I started my journey to total healing.  Dealing with a host of health and emotional issues, I realized that no pill was every going to fix my mind, body, or soul.  I decided it was time for me to start to take charge of my health, my mind, and just my life! It’s amazing the control you have over you, by simply changing what you fuel your mind, body, and soul with.  I’ve learned to not only live healthy; I’ve learned to live with big dreams instead of big fears! 

When at my point of desperation with my health, I was introduced to a product that changed my health and then consequently I was introduced to network marketing.  Paralyzed with fear at first, I started to realize what this industry was about.  It was about leadership, personal development, and helping others.  Once I saw the big picture, I was forever changed.  I’m so blessed to be able to not only help others improve their health naturally, but to also help them learn to dream and live big (whatever that may mean to them). 

My passion is to create a community of women who want to live a healthy, holistic, authentically soulful life.  Women who want to inspire, encourage, and live life healthy and in the pursuit of big dreams.  



Natural Healing is about taking control of your life and being responsible for what goes in and out of your mind, body, and spirit.
— Richard Schulze